MultiGP is a global, professional, drone racing league with over 1000 chapters internationally including locations such as Australia, Asia, South Africa and Europe. There are no other drone racing leagues with the amount of registered pilots found within our community.

Joining MultiGP as a pilot has many advantages. MultiGP has created race systems, race formats, and race classes to nurture both drone sports and the pilots who compete. These components provide the highest caliber of competitive drone sports in the world, and allow pilots to increase their ability and their piloting skills. MultiGP accepts pilots of all skill levels; you do not have to be an ace pilot to join. This means that you can compete against, and learn from, pilots who have more experience than you. Flying with people more skilled than you is one of the best ways to improve as a pilot. You membership also give you the ability to join your local MultiGP chapter. Connecting with you local MultiGP chapter will give you access to all of their events; from fun flys to race events, you have to be a registered pilot to attend. Your MultiGP membership also gives you the benefit of a pilot’s profile page, where things like your race history, the drones you fly, your pilot bio, and your current sponsors will all be listed. This gives other pilots, and sponsors, the ability to look at your progress as a pilot.

KC Multi-Rotor is a proud Teir 1 chapter of MultiGP racing. Please click on our link to find out more information on when races will be held and how to join the chapter,

KCMR’s MultiGP chapter


We use MultiGP to organize ALL of our races.

All pilots should create a Pilot Profile on their website and sign-in/check-in to races from there! All info on KCMR races will be updated on the Facebook group as well as on MultiGP.

Remember to always join the race AND be on your assigned video frequency before your arrive. Always be ready to race!