Get involved in the fast growing community of FPV drone racing here in Kansas City!

We are glad to call you family! Thank you for all your support!

We love to put these events on for all of you. It is such a joy to see the community get together and have such a good time! Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. PLEASE let us know if there is anything we can do to better the FPV experience! All members opinions will be accounted for when making club based decisions. It is recommended that you attend the club meeting to participate in club votes, voice your opinion, and stay up-to-date on all that KCMR is doing.

Attention:  New Members

You are interested in FPV flight correct? Good! You’ve come to the right place to join the pilots here at KCMR! Join the Facebook group to talk with our pilots and the entire KCMR community. Ask us any questions you have and let us help you get on your way to tearing up the skies!

Come check out a race! Everyone is invited to our events and spectating is always FREE! Questions are very much ENCOURAGED! Check out our EVENTS page for all the information on what to expect at a race.

We ask you to become a paid member of KC Multi-Rotor, attend events, and help the community grow! Click here for more info on KCMR Memberships

More information about our racing events can be found on our EVENTS page.

AMA Memberships are currently required to race at a KCMR event. These also provide the pilot AND the club with insurance in case of an accident.  AMA memberships can be acquired HERE

MultiGP Pilot Profiles make signing up for a race EASY and can help you show off your fleet! These profiles are FREE and can be created HERE

KCMR Memberships can be purchased HERE

Things to consider as you prepare for a race:

  • Joining the race on MultiGP is crucial for the race system. Please join at least one day before the event to ensure the best racing experience.
  • We check-in all our pilots before EACH race to verify their video channels, video output, and even AMA membership status. Please come prepared!
  • 25mw will be the MAXIMUM video output. Please make sure you have a capable VTX and have your quads adjusted accordingly!
  • Please show up to the race early enough to get your pits set-up as well as join our team with the course set-up!
  • Many members bring tables, chairs, coolers, pop-up tents, etc. Feel free to bring any equipment necessary for a day of flying!
  • GUESTS are welcome and SPECTATING IS FREE! Invite anyone and everyone to join us in the racing excitement!
  • Please try to plan to stay after to help out with tear down/clean up. Our team would like to thank you in advance for your help!

Don’t be afraid to help out your local AMA and MultiGP chartered club!

Please reach out to our current Club Officers with all your comments and questions!

Meetings are held once a month in the Kansas City area. Check Facebook for all meeting info!

Current Roster

2020 Officers:

  • President – Matt King – AMA# 1128239
  • Vice President – Chris Ledford – AMA# 1088489
  • Treasurer – Matt Flack – AMA# 1159342
  • Secretary – Jason Coon – AMA# 1154803
  • Safety Officer – Joey Dowding – AMA# 1130161

2020 Committee Members:

Events Committee

  • Matt King – AMA# 1128239 (Event Director)

Field Maintenance Committee

  • OPEN

New Pilot Training Committee

  • OPEN

Membership Committee

Safety Committee

  • OPEN

Communications Committee

(Committee positions are always available! Contact an officer to get on board!)

2020 Members:

Matt King – AMA# 1128239 – EXPIRED

Chris Ledford – AMA# 1088489 – EXPIRED

Jason Coon – AMA# 1154803 – Exp. 04/30/2020

Joey Dowding – AMA# 1130161 – Exp. 03/31/2020

Oz Qureshi – AMA# 1178036 – EXPIRED

Jerry Maisch – AMA# 1153563 – Exp. 03/31/2020

Scott Lloyd – AMA# 1128475 – Exp. 02/28/2022

Akeem Ayoade – AMA# 1100324 – Exp. 05/31/2020

Matt (Schafer) Flack – AMA# 1159342 – EXPIRED

Daniel Hall – AMA# UNKNOWN

Andrew Johnson – AMA# 1116968 – EXPIRED

Darren Smith – AMA# 1130426 – Exp. 04/30/2022

Tom Fishwick – AMA# 959457 – Exp. 03/31/2021

Jeff Fishwick – AMA# 1146874 – Exp. 08/31/2020

Ken Cooke – AMA# 686280 – Exp. 01/31/2021

Robert Gaines – AMA# UNKNOWN

David Fox – AMA# 1127802

Jeffery Kuczynski – AMA# UNKNOWN

(last updated on 7-24-20)

Past Memberships

2019 Members:

2019 Officers:

  • President – Derrick Woolworth
  • Vice President – Kevin Worley
  • Treasurer – Isaac Black
  • Secretary – Matt King
  • Safety Officer – Steven Meyer

2019 Committee Members:

  • Events Committee
    • Matt King
    • Isaac Black
  • Field Maintenance Committee
    • John Erbert
    • Matt King
  • Membership Committee
    • Matt King
  • Safety Committee
    • Steven Meyer
    • Joshua Raines
  • Communications Committee
    • Matt King

Matt King, Derrick Woolworth, Kevin Worley, Isaac Black, Steven Meyer, Chris Ledford, Jason Coon, Joey Dowding, Jerry Maisch, Scott Lloyd, Akeem Ayoade, Andrew Johnson, Darren Smith, Tom Fishwick, Ken Cooke,

Paul Cook – AMA# 43030 – Exp. 12/31/2020

John Erbert – AMA# 1132715 – Exp. 06/30/2020

Brian Devero – AMA# 1080092 – EXPIRED

Zach Rice – AMA# 1128984 – Exp. 03/31/2020

Jacob Shroyer – AMA# 1159398 – Exp. 06/30/2021

Christopher Lang – AMA# 1178768 – Exp. 02/29/2020

Joshua Waldron – AMA# 1119570 – Exp. 12/31/2020

Shawn Ames – AMA# 1125621 – Exp. 01/31/2021

Chad Moffitt – AMA – NOT ACTIVE

John Swander – AMA# 1149601 – EXPIRED

Mark Belles – AMA# 1155288 – Exp. 07/31/2020

Emmitt Drumgoole – AMA# 1196044 – Exp. 09/30/2020

2018 Members:


  • President – Kevin Worley
  • Vice President – Derrick Woolworth
  • Treasurer – Matt King
  • Secretary – Zach Rice
  • Safety Officer – Joshua Raines

Sub-Committee Members:

  • Field Maintenance Committee
    • John Erbert
    • Joshua Raines
    • Josh Williams
    • Steven Meyer
  • Special Events Committee
    • Isaac Black
    • Richard Murphy
  • New Pilot Training Committee
    • Derrick Conner
  • Membership Committee
    • Matt King
  • Safety Committee
    • Matt Schafer
  • Communications Committee
    • Matt King
    • Hannah Kaplan

Derrick Woolworth, Matt King, Frank Sauer, Scott Lloyd, Isaac Black, Kevin Worley, John Erbert, Steven Meyer, Tom Fishwick, Jerry Maisch, Brian Devero, Jason Coon, Zach Rice, Jacob Shroyer, Joey Dowding, Josh Waldron, Andrew Johnson, Akeem Ayoade, John Swander, Herbie Hisel, Josh Williams, Craig Dickie, Charles Raines, Joshua Raines, Derick Conner, Corey Bader, Cory Kiesling, Jeff Fishwick, Andrew Farris, Ronan Waldron, Jeremy Klein, Travis Grindal, Brian Miller, Abraham Cortes, Michael Tilley, Jeff Campbell, Keith Groves, David Fox, Tim Otto, Pete Kruger, Hannah Kaplan, Matt Schafer, Richard Murphy, Ryan Moffitt, David Smith, Jeffery Kuczynski, Chris Ledford, Naveen Kunapareddy, Mark Belles, Sean Spitz

2017 Members:


  • President – Kevin Worley
  • Vice President – Derrick Woolworth
  • Treasurer – Tim Otto
  • Secretary – Zach Rice
  • Safety Officer – Josh Chambers
  • Food and Beverage Coordinator – Matt King

Brian Devero, Dirk W. Mason, Josh Williams, Scott Lloyd, David Porter, Matt Bartimus, Craig Dickie, Derrick Conner, Michael Tilley, John Erbert, Frank Sauer, Herbie Hisel, Christopher Ledford, Andrew Johnson, Charles Raines Sr., Josh Waldron, Robyn Nix, Brian Miller, Travis Grindall , Rodrigo Niri, Lee Benson, Mason Klenklen, Pete Kruger.