Meeting Minutes – 09/29/2019

Topics: NFM Race, Field Status, 2020 Memberships, 2020 Election, MindDrive

NFM Race:
-4pm start
-Safety is most important
-There will be PRIZES
-Cool tech & trophies
-Join on MultiGP!

Field Status:
-Open to the public
-Gates are up!
-Walking path is always open
-Working on a lock system for our pilots
-Tell your friends!
-National Agriculture Center and Hall of Fame
-BIG things coming for 2020
-Live power
-Lighting and Shelter
-Freestyle obstacles
-If we dream it, we can build it

2020 Memberships:
-Oct. 1st starts next years memberships
-Members joining after Oct. 1st receive next years active status
-Memberships will provide pilots with special benefits
-Discounts at home field races
-Access to home field all year long (during park hours)
-Eligibility to run for officer position
-Your name on the official members list
-Access to meeting minutes and extra event info (facebook)
-All benefits will be active in 2020

2020 Election:
-Next years Officers will soon be decided
-Ballot will be created before the October meeting
-Reach out to a current officer if you with to nominate
-You CAN nominate yourself
-Sub-Committees will also be discussed
-PLEASE consider stepping up and helping the club!

-School is in session
-Meets at MindDrive HQ on Thursdays at 6pm
-3 weeks on, 1 week off
-All KCMR members welcome to come help
-Very relaxed atmosphere
-Fly tiny whoops
-Repair racing drones
-Help the youth!

Other Topics:
-By-Law updates
-Website updates
-My lunch was EXTRA delicious today
-Thanks for reading this far!

Attendees: Matt King