KC Multi-rotor provides a state-of-the-art drone racing experience that everyone is welcome to be a part of!

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-All of our events are created in and advertised on Facebook. Please, click here, to visit our Facebook group, join the group, and get involved!

-KCMR is a MultiGP chapter and uses their site to organize pilots and assign video channels. Please, click here, to visit MultiGP’s website to join and create/update your pilot profile.

-We primarily race on weekends, about once or twice a month.

-Races usually last all day, from about 10:00am to 5:00pm.

-Safety teams will be on site to enforce safe flying procedures.

-All pilots are invited to come fly at KCMR races provided they have an active AMA membership.

Racing excitement usually consists of 2-6 groups of 3-8 pilots racing at once. We tend to complete a handful of rounds at every race, so bring all your necessary tools to keep you in the air for a whole day of flight! We usually score pilots based on the amount of completed laps for the whole day, but could also score based on fastest lap. We usually implement double elimination brackets for the REAL racing excitement!

KCMR provides competitive classes for each pilot to join based on their individual skill level.

BEGINNERS will have access to the track just the same as any pilot, but will only be required to go through the start/finish gate. All other gates and flags are optional. These pilots can use the race to simply practice flying at their own speed. Use this class to practice flying and getting the feel of what a race track is like. (Please sign up in the Novice class and let the race director know if you will be planning on flying at this level)

NOVICE class will be for pilots who are ready to compete for a podium spot. This class will feature its own Novice route within the whole track for pilots to easily fly a course. All gates and flags (within this simplified course) will be required and these pilots will compete for the podium as well as prizes!

SPORT class will be for the intermediate pilots, and will feature the entire course as it is set-up. This class will include all pilots who are ready to compete against other Sport class pilots for a podium spot. Once a Sport class pilot wins AT LEAST 3 races, he or she will be advanced into the Pro class.

PRO class will be for the fastest pilots of the club, and the country. These pilots must have finished 1st in 3 KCMR races, or 1st in any larger national event (MultiGP, DRL, etc.) This class will ALSO compete for a podium spot with other Pro pilots. Please make sure to join the event on MultiGP and select the appropriate class.

Please make sure to join the event on MultiGP and select the appropriate class.

Things to consider as you prepare for a race:

  • Joining the race on MultiGP is crucial for the race system. Please join at least one day before the event to ensure the best racing experience.
  • We check-in all our pilots before EACH race to verify their video channels, video output, and even AMA membership status. Please come prepared!
  • 25mw will be the MAXIMUM video output. Please make sure you have a capable VTX and have your quads adjusted accordingly!
  • Please show up to the race early enough to get your pits set-up as well as join our team with the course set-up!
  • Many members bring tables, chairs, coolers, pop-up tents, etc. Feel free to bring any equipment necessary for a day of flying!
  • GUESTS are welcome and SPECTATING IS FREE! Invite anyone and everyone to join us in the racing excitement!
  • Please try to plan to stay after to help out with tear down/clean up. Our team would like to thank you in advance for your help!

Here’s what is REQUIRED from you to get into a race:

  • (~$20) 25mw capable VTX
  • ($75) FULL AMA membership
  • (FREE) MultiGP Pilot Profile

KCMR club memberships are OPTIONAL but we strongly encourage you to visit the KC Multi-Rotor website and see the benefits and discounts that are provided to our members. Memberships are now only $40 per year.

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No Quad? No Problem!

There will be plenty of spectators at these events and KCMR has monitors to show the pilots perspectives from the FPV headset! Don’t be left out, feel free to approach our tent with questions and comments!

Be a part of our thought process!

We hold club meetings every month! It is encouraged to attend these if you would like to join the discussions on the club’s decisions and changes!

Check out our YouTube playlist for insight on what to expect at our events!

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