By Laws

KC Multi-Rotor Club Bylaws


Article One – Objectives

Section 1 – Local Objectives
Section 2 – Conformance to Natl Org.
Section 3 – National Objectives
Section 4 – Articles of Incorporation

Article Two – Academy of Model Aeronautics Charter

Article Three – Election of Officers and Their Duties

Section 1 – Election
Section 2 – Tenure
Section 3 – Officers and Their Duties

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Safety Officer

Section 4 – Board of Directors
Section 5 – Vacancy
Section 6 – Resignations
Section 7 – Expenditures

Article Four– Membership

Section 1 – Member
Section 2 – Active Member
Section 3 – Classes of Membership

  1. Active, Adult
  2. Active, Junior
  3. Active, Family
  4. Inactive
  5. Honorary

Section 4 – New Members
Section 5 – Resignations
Section 6 – Removal from Membership
Section 7 – Financial Contributions

Article Five – Meetings

Section 1 – Quorum
Section 2 – Voting
Section 3 – Regular Meetings
Section 4 – Special Meetings
Section 5 – Annual Election Meeting

Article Six– Dues and Assessments

Section 1 – Membership Dues

  1. Active – Adult
  2. Active – Junior
  3. Active – Family
  4. Inactive Members
  5. Field Improvement Fee
  6. Life Member

Section 2 – Arrears in Dues
Section 3 – Special Assessments
Section 4 – Runway Fund
Section 5 – Club Events

Article Seven – Committees

Section 1 – Regular Committees

  1. Field  Maintenance Committee
  2. Special Event Committee
  3. New Pilot Training Committee
  4. Membership Committee
  5. Safety Committee
  6. Communications Committee

Section 2 – Other Committees

Article Eight – Amendments

Section 1 – Authorization
Section 2 – Procedures


REVISED: January 9th 2019



To provide a flying field appropriate for flying and racing activities for the public. To promote the building, sport flying and competition flying of radio‑controlled focused on fixed wing and multi-rotor aircraft in the greater Kansas City area.


To conform to the general policies of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and their regulations governing model aircraft flying and contests according to current AMA Rule Book.


To aid insofar as practicable, support the national program of the AMA with a view towards advancement of model aviation in all its phases.


The Kansas City Multi-rotor club is registered as a non-profit corporation with the state of Missouri. A yearly fee, due in January, is required to maintain this status. Our Identification Number can be supplied by asking a club officer. The club Secretary is responsible for maintaining this status.


The KC Multi-Rotor club is an AMA Chartered Club. Numerous advantages accrue to the club through the AMA charter, and are in keeping with ARTICLE ONE: SECTION 2 and 3. As an AMA Chartered Club, all active members of the Kansas City Multi-Rotor must hold concurrent membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics.



Officers will be elected once a year by electronic poll. The Nominating Committee will provide a list of candidates at the October meeting and nominations from the floor will be accepted at the October meeting. At the conclusion of the October meeting the nominations are closed and no new candidates may be added to the ballot. The poll will be created in October, no later than 2 weeks prior to the November meeting. A member who receives a majority of the votes cast, shall be deemed to be elected. Officers involved in other clubs shall not be eligible for nomination.


All officers shall serve for one year beginning January 1st after the election and ending at the December meeting. The President and Vice President shall not serve more than two consecutive terms. To be considered an officer, the nominee must maintain a club status for 2 consecutive years.


The officers are to be active members and are elected annually by the membership. The duties of the officers are as follows:

PRESIDENT ‑ The President shall:

  • Preside at all club meetings.
  • Act as spokesperson for the club in all matters pertaining to club business.
  • Appoint standing committees as outlined in this document under “Committees”.
  • Appoint a Nominating Committee.
  • Appoint special committees as required.
  • Act as liaison with Kansas City, MO parks and recreation or appoint a representative.
  • Prior to a regular meeting the President should verify bank account amounts by on line access.

VICE PRESIDENT ‑The Vice President shall:

  • Act in all matters for the President when he/she is unable to serve.
  • Act as parliamentarian at all club meetings providing official interpretation of the Bylaws as required.

SECRETARY ‑ The Secretary shall:

  • Keep the minutes and attendance at all club meetings and Board of Directors meetings.
  • Provide written minutes of said meetings as the official record of the business of this club paying attention to details of motions and seconds, which are duly passed.
  • Append a written copy of all amendments to the official copy of the Bylaws.
  • Be responsible for all Academy of Model Aeronautics related documents.
  • Maintain the Articles of Incorporation in Section 4 with the state of Missouri.
  • Ensure all required tax forms are submitted to State and Federal government.

TREASURER ‑ The Treasurer shall:

  • Collect all monies due the club.
  • Keep a record of all moneys received and disbursed in Quicken or comparable program. A back up copy will be maintained by another club officer and updated at least once a month.
  • Compile and maintain membership list and email lists. Provide these lists as directed by the board.
  • Maintain an accurate and up to date listing of all club property and the current custodians of all items of club property.
  • Submit a budget to the Board of Directors at the February board meeting and present the budget at the regular meeting in March. Upon approval, this budget becomes the Operating Fund for the year.
  • Make financial books available for inspection by any active club member upon reasonable notice.
  •  Arrange for a review of the financial books 30 days prior to election of officers.  This review will be conducted by the Treasurer, President, and one member at large.
  • Notify members in arrears of dues or delegate this task to the Membership Chair, if one has been appointed.
  • Checks for major expenditures of $100.00 or more require the signature of the President and Treasurer.

SAFETY OFFICER – The Safety Officer shall:

  • Appoint a Safety Committee at his/her discretion.
  • Attend all racing events and enforce safe flying procedures.
  • If the Safety Officer cannot attend, he/she must appoint a replacement for the event. (selected from the Safety Committee or the Board of Directors)
  • Supervise club flying activity and monitor conditions involving the safety of members, guests and spectators at the club-flying site.
  • Be empowered to suspend flying by one or more members as required to insure maintenance of safe conditions.


The Board of Directors shall consist of all five elected officers and the immediate past President. The Board of Directors is empowered to establish the policies of this club. It will take all necessary steps to implement these policies subject to subsequent approval by the membership.


Any vacancy occurring during the year will be filled by appointment of a willing active member by the Board of Directors. The appointee will serve until the next annual election.


Any Board of Director wishing to resign shall submit a dated form of resignation to any member of the Board of Directors. These officials will see to the proper resignation procedures including key retrieval, account modifications, website access restrictions, etc.


  • The President may spend up to $100 without any approval.
  • The board may authorize the expenditure of up to $500.00.
  • Any expenditure of over $500.00 must be approved by a majority vote at a business meeting. Multiple invoices for a project must be totaled together to meet this rule.



A member shall be defined as anyone who has an interest in radio‑controlled model flying or racing and who has met the qualifications prescribed in this article.


An active member is further defined as one whom:

  1. Has been accepted for membership.
  2. Is current in payment of club dues of $40.00
  3. Is current in payment of all club assessments.
  4. Holds current AMA membership. Membership is considered Inactive until proof of AMA membership is provided.
  5. Met any other membership prerequisites as described under ARTICLE FOUR – SECTION 3.


The following are the different classes of membership within the club, as well as their requirements.

  1. Active, Adult – Any person who has paid their yearly dues, has an active AMA membership, and is over the age of 16,
  2. Active, Junior – Any person who has an active AMA membership, and is under the age of 16. Minors who want to become a member must have parents as an active member. Parent or guardian must be an AMA member. Membership will be $10 for the child.
  3. Active, Family – Any person who has paid their yearly dues, has an active AMA membership, is over the age of 16, and is related to a active member.
  4. Inactive – Any person who has paid their yearly dues, and DOES NOT have an active AMA membership. As well as anyone who has been deemed inactive under ARTICLE FOUR – SECTION 6.
  5. Honorary – Any person who has an active AMA membership and has been granted membership based on club based achievement. These members usually consist of, but are not limited to, financial contributors, sponsors, or anyone the Board of Directors deems worthy.


Any person qualifying under ARTICLE ONE – SECTION 1 may apply for membership by completing the following:

  • Submit a club membership application.
  • Agree that if accepted, he/she would pay all fees for the current year.
  • Have current AMA membership or agree to immediately apply for and supply proof of AMA membership within 15 days of submitting a Kansas City Multi-Rotor membership application.


Any member wishing to resign from the club shall submit a dated form of resignation to any member of the Board of Directors. These officials will see to the proper resignation procedures including key retrieval, account modifications, etc.


A member may be removed from the club or placed on Inactive status when, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, he/she does not continue to meet the prescribed qualifications for membership or does not adhere to club regulations. To remove a member, the club must:

  • Send a notification to the individual at least ten days in advance of the meeting at which the vote is to be taken.
  • Notify all active members of the impending action by individual letter, email or club newsletter in advance of the time at which action is to be taken.
  • Receive a two‑thirds vote of the active members present, in favor of the removal at an official meeting of the club, (See ARTICLE FIVE – MEETINGS).


A list of financial contributions (in excess of paid membership dues) will be maintained by the Treasurer and will be classified as follows:

  • Patron- $500 or more per year;
  • Sponsor – $100 to $499.99 per year;
  • Friend – $50 to $99.99 per year,
  • Guest – $0 to 49.99 per year.

Any person or company who achieves Sponsor or Patron level contributions will be granted an honorary club membership for the remainder of the season.

Once permission from the contributor is obtained, a listing of financial contributions will be printed a minimum of once per year in the club newsletter and/or listed on the club website.



For conducting club business at a regular, special, or election meeting, at least 5 active members must be present, defined as a Quorum. For a Board of Directors meeting, three officers must be present and one of the officers must be the President or Vice President.


Voting will be by a show of hands or closed ballot at the discretion of the club officer presiding at the meeting.

  • Special assessments and Bylaw amendments require a two-thirds vote of members present.
  • All other proposals require a simple majority vote.
  • Annual elections require a closed written ballot.

The President shall publish an agenda for any upcoming regular or special meeting.

  • This agenda shall be emailed to all members with email and published on KC Multi-Rotor web site.
  • This agenda will list all items to be voted on at the meeting and major topics for discussion.
  • Any items not on the agenda but brought before the meeting may be voted on at the Presidents discretion.

The President may delay a vote until the next meeting, and announce the upcoming vote in the agenda for the next meeting. Any vote to change these Bylaws or to make a significant change to flying rules must be announced in a published agenda before the vote can be taken at a meeting. Emergency changes to flying rules may be declared by the President subject to approval at the next meeting.

Except for votes for the next year’s officers and for special assessments, a member MUST be present at a meeting to vote. At his discretion, the President may allow electronic ballots for members that cannot attend the meeting when a vote is scheduled.

Rules for voting for officers and special assessments are covered in other sections of these bylaws.


A regular meeting shall be held with a frequency and at a place to be decided from time to time by the active membership with the understanding that a monthly meeting will be held whenever possible. The time, date, frequency or place shall not be changed unless approved by a majority vote within the Board of Directors. Meetings away from the regular place as arranged by the Board of Directors may be held if announced to the general membership electronically.

Notice of regular meetings, including an agenda, shall be mailed or emailed whenever possible in the interest of encouraging attendance.

No official action may be taken at a regular or special meeting without a quorum.


Special meetings of the club shall be held at any convenient time upon request by the President, any member of the Board of Directors or upon request as signed by any ten active members of the club. Said request shall name the time and place of such meeting and the name, address and phone number of the person(s) issuing the request. The request must be issued at least 7 days in advance of the date set. No official action may be taken at a special meeting in the absence of a quorum.


Annual election meetings require that the general membership be notified by newsletter, letter or email prior to the date indicated. Failure of the officers of the club to notify the members in advance shall nullify any election so held, regardless of whether a quorum was present. In the event this occurs; a special meeting must be called by the general membership to elect the officers of the club.



Membership dues of the club are to be proposed by the Board of Directors and approved by the active members. Dues are paid during the calendar year beginning January 1 and ending December 31. The amount of the dues will be indicated on the membership application. The types of memberships are as follows:

  • Active, Adult
  • Active Junior (16 or under)
  • Family membership is available with one Active-Adult membership and one Active-Junior membership regardless of number of participating family members.
  • Inactive Member

Members who join between January 1 and June 30 shall pay the full current annual rate.  Members who join between July 1 and September 30 shall pay one half of the then current annual rate. Members who join between October 1 and December 31 shall pay the next year’s dues and receive an extended membership for the remainder of the current year.


Active members from a previous year are carried on the active roster for a grace period concluding on March 31st of the following year. Active members in arrears after March 31st will be dropped from the active roster, but may continue to receive the club newsletter by obtaining inactive member status. See ARTICLE FOUR – MEMBERSHIP.


Special assessments may be levied on club members for any project approved by the club, which if paid out of the club treasury would deplete operating capital below the minimum required amount. Said amount is to be determined by the Board of Directors based on economic factors in evidence at the time. To institute a special assessment the Board must:

  • Publish the proposed assessment in the next newsletter, letter, or email and vote on the proposed assessment at the next regular meeting. The notification must contain the purpose, total amount of assessment per member, and terms of payment.
  • Receive an affirmative vote from at least two‑thirds of the votes received in person at the prescribed meeting.


The event chairman should make the event pay for itself and not require funds from the Operating budget.



A committee can be assembled by any active members upon approval of the officers. These committee members will serve for the remainder of season upon elected. Any member may choose to resign from their position

A. Field Maintenance Committee

Responsible for improving and maintaining the club’s home flying field, trailer up-keep, etc. Event attendance MUST be a priority of these committee members. Participation in set-up and tear-down processes is crucial to these committee members as they will help oversee track preperations. The time spent helping with these tasks will provide him/her with the knowledge of proper trailer organization as well as the power to maintain such organization during races. The committee chair will work closely with the Event Director to ensure successful event coordination.

B. Event Committee

Responsible for planning events and contests for the general membership, in coordination with area clubs. Details regarding events will be handled by these committee members, including any publications related to events and contests; Race planning, Build day planning, Special contests planning, Event flyers, etc.

C. Advertising Committee

Responsible for producing the KCMR brand. This includes logos as well as gear and any other promotional items. These members will keep the images updated and make sure the club has enough on-hand stock to provide members with at events. Communication with sponsors and production companies will be handled primarily by these committee members.

D. Membership Committee

Responsible for tracking and coordinating membership recruitment and renewals. Involves issuing official membership keys, cards and other items as deemed appropriate. Also involves keeping an active roster of members and their start/renewal dates. Most of these goals will require that committee members attend meetings and events to effectively communicate with members.

E. Safety Committee

Responsible for supervising club flying activity and monitor conditions involving the safety of members, guests, and spectators at the club-flying site, working closely with the current Safety Officer. Committee members will also be empowered to suspend flying by one or more members as required to insure maintenance of safe conditions will the approval of the current Safety Officer.

F. Online Communications Committee

Responsible for creating and maintaining a presence on social media and providing members with active posts containing information regarding events, deadlines, announcements, discounts, etc. This committee should make it their objective to post info, photos, and videos of events to help non-members and non-pilots understand what we do for the community. Managing and moderating live-streams also falls under this committees jurisdiction, and plays a huge roll in extending the community.


The President may appoint other committees as he/she deems necessary to meet the objectives of the club.



These Bylaws shall not be changed or amended except as provided in this Article.


To amend these Bylaws the following procedures must be followed:

  • The proposed amendment shall be read at a club meeting at least one month prior to the meeting at which a vote is to be taken or shall be individually mailed to all active members at least 7 days prior to the meeting at which the vote is to be taken.
  • Said copy of the amendment is to be accompanied by notice of the meeting time and place.
  • For acceptance of the amendment, an affirmative vote by two‑thirds of the active members present at the meeting must be received.